2017 PHRF-NB Certificate Renewal


Renewal of PHRF-NB certificates or generation of new certificates will be processed differently this year.  The renewal and application procedure will be online. However, credit card processing won’t be ready so payment will be via check. Below are instructions for generating new or renewal certificates.

Summary for existing PHRF Certificate holders

First Step: Activating your account

  1. Go to the PHRF-NB website in any browser.  www.phrf-nb.org

  2. The first time you access the site you will need to set a password. You may do this by just clicking on the “Request new password” link under the login box on the right side of the page or by accessing this link directly at www.phrf-nb.org/user/password.  You will have to enter the email address you provided us in the last certificate. If you get a response that no email address exists DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT. The email address may be incorrect in our database. Contact us at admin@phrf-nb.org or call at 401-253-0207 to verify the email address for your account. If it is wrong we will update it to the correct email address.

  3. After entering your email address you will receive an email with instructions on how to set your password.
  4. Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 2.29.59 PM.png


Note: If you do not receive an email within a minute or so of requesting it, please check your spam folder. The email will come from no-reply@phrf.phrf-nb.org.


Second Step: Renewing your certificate

  1. Once you have logged into the site (which after above you should be logged in, your name will be displayed in the upper right) click on the menu item “Get a rating” at the top of the page. You should have the option to “Renew a certificate or apply for a new certificate”; item 3. If your last certificate was issued prior to 2013, you will need to apply for a new certificate.  If you had a certificate since 2013 you should see it.  All the data associated with the certificate should be transferred to this database and prefill the certificate you will see. Below is an example of the page that will be displayed.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 3.12.50 PM.png


  1. You may renew your certificate with changes (renew without changes is disabled for now).  

    1. If you renew without changes your 2017 certificate will be automatically generated based on last years measurements and your rating will remain the same and will be issued as soon as payment is received.

  2. Under “Certificate Options” choose a certificate to Renew (for example above “Renew: Breakaway (Sail: 99999) Expires: 2016”; you should see your own boat name) or click “Apply for a certificate for a new boat” if applying for a new certificate.

    1. If you clicked on “Renew…” for a certificate a new area “Renewal options” opens. Choose whether you are making changes or not.

  3. If renewing a certificate under "Renewal Options" click the check box for "Create/Renew certificate with changes".
  4. Click the check box in the section labeled “Certification” then click “Submit” below.

  5. A new page is displayed with all the fields for the certificate displayed.  All the fields should be filled in from the previous certificate.  However they are editable if you need to modify the fields or add data to fields missing data.
  6. Fields with “*” next to them are required fields so data needs to be entered into those fields.  If any required data is missing you will get an alert telling you that when you click “Submit” or “Preview” at the bottom.  Fill in other fields that have missing data also like spinnaker dimensions.
  7. Once you have completed the renewal process, a draft certificate will be displayed.  At the bottom of the page is a link to display the certificate in PDF.  You can download and print it or just print the draft certificate and send it along with a check for $50 to PHRF-NB, 11 Forsyth Ave., Somerset, MA 02776.

  8. When your certificate is rated and approved you will receive an email notifying you. No certificate will be mailed to you.

  9. Follow the link in the email to access your certificate. At the bottom of the page that is displayed there is a link to an official PDF version that you may download.

  10. At anytime you can access your current, past or pending certificates by logging on to the site on the right of the page and using the “My PHRF” menu at the top. You can print a PDF of any certificate directly from this page.

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