October 22, 2018 Meeting Minutes


October 22, 2018

 PHRF-NB Minutes

Meeting at Newport Yacht Club, Newport, RI

Called to order at 6:33pm

Attendees: Mark Nannini, Commodore; Will Museler, Rating chairman; Roy Guay, Treasurer; Bob Horton, Secretary; Kathy Rotsky, PHRF-NB administrator; Ken Madeiro, board member; Paul Grimes, board member; Paul Cronin board member, Moose McClintock

·        Motion to approve the minutes from the previous meeting of September 27, 2018 as amended seconded and approved.


Moose McClintock was welcomed to the group. Moose owns an S2 7.9 , Two Dogs, which he actively campaigns.

Rating Appeals: None

New Certificate Requests:

None to rate.

Old Business:

Information has been obtain that shows Chesapeake Bay PHRF calculates 2 ratings per boat and that NoCal calculates 4 ratings per boat.

The board members present discussed providing ratings for varying wind strength.

*It was noted that Time on Time is an option to multiple ratings.

*Race committee involvement must allow for a user friendly system.

*Multiple ratings if made available from PHRF-NB would not force a race committee to use them.

*PHRF-NB should be looking at innovation that would encourage and increase participation.

*Update on US Sailing providing data is that they suddenly have become less responsive to inquiries. If you join ORC you       can obtain data and run analysis of various boats as Will has done.

*The board should look at the non-spinnaker adjustments that PHRF-NB assigns for the non-spinnaker ratings. A review of the adjustment from a 155% genoa to the drop down to 105% or a blade on boat that were designed to carry small headsails but may have large mains.

*Current standard adjustments to PHRF-NB ratings should be reviewed to confirm that they accurately reflect true performance.

*Paul Cronin will work with Will to look at VPP for various boats.

*NE-PHRF rating comparisons to PHRF-NB have normally taken into account difference in wind speed for the areas covered. It was noted that Mass Bay uses ORR-EZ.

*The list of 2018 appeals and provisional ratings that the Rating Committee approved was provided and the board members were asked to look over the information to see if there are any standouts that we may have been harsh or lenient on and should be revisited.

*One Design descriptions for the class per Paul Grimes email should be considered as part of the rating assignment.

*A list of survey questions was discussed and if they should go out to the general membership or to the race committee chairs of the various clubs on the bay.

Officers for 2019 as follows

Commodore - Mark Nannini

Rating Chairman – Will Museler

Treasurer - Roy Guay

Secretary – Bob Horton

Administrator – Kathy Rotsky

Bill Beebe has resigned per Bob Horton’s conversation with him

Moose McClintock and Vin McAteer have been added as board members along with Ken Madeiro, Todd Johnston, Craig Nann, Paul Grimes, Paul Cronin

The next meeting will be held on November 26 at the Barrington YC at 6:30pm

Meeting Adjourned


Bob Horton

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