November 26, 2018 Meeting Minutes

November 26, 2018

 PHRF-NB Minutes

Meeting at Barrington Yacht Club, Barrington, RI

Called to order at 6:50pm

Attendees: Mark Nannini, Commodore; Will Museler, Rating chairman; Roy Guay, Treasurer; Bob Horton, Secretary; Kathy Rotsky, PHRF-NB administrator; Paul Grimes, board member;  Moose McClintock board member; Chip Hawkins guest

·        Motion to approve the minutes from the previous meeting of October 22, 2018 seconded and approved.

Rating Appeals: None

New Certificate Requests:

None to rate.

New Business:

Meeting turned over to Will Museler, Rating Chairman

Will provided a genoa delta spreadsheet which compared changes in genoa size and impact on rating adjustments. This information could be used to replace current table A base rating 150% - 155%. This would cause the spinnaker and non-spinnnaker adjustments to match.

A question as to whether rounding is either up or down along with should a new table go lower than 105%. Should table B be flipped to match table A?

Motion made and seconded to make/move 118% to 12 sec and passed.

Following information was provided via Jim Tetters

Rating difference with or without spinnakers

               GPH is average circular adjustment between spinnaker and non-spinnaker

His table is a tool that can be loaded for any boat.

Question of where/how would we determine a boat that this should be applied to?

·        A random course leg rating sheet was discussed. There would be a need to have real sail area included for a rating.

·        Discussion continued regarding Graves Constellation performance.

Moose who has race in SIRA against the Graves stated that Vela outpoints all other competitors. No action taken on rating, original adjustment was offset by new roller furler.  Bob Horton to provide more performance data on Graves to Will.

·        A new IC37 will probably be requesting a 2019 certificate and we should be ready to rate it.

·        A review of the rating for the Blue Jacket 40 may be in order based on information on performance and design.

·        Should the committee issue credits for all quantifiable items a boat may add/include during racing?

Next meeting – Annual meeting Tuesday, January 29, 2019 6:30pm East Greenwich YC.

Meeting Adjourned 9:11pm


Submitted Robert Horton

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