January 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes

January 2019

PHRF-NB Annual Meeting

East Greenwich Yacht Club

Meeting Called to order 6:30pm by Commodore Nannini

Attendees: Mark Nannini Commodore; Will Museler, Rating Chairman; Roy Guay, Treasurer, Bob Horton, Secretary, Kathy Rotsky, PHRF-NB Administrator, Board members - Ken Madeiro, Todd Johnston, Moose McClintock, Craig Nann, Paul Grimes, 9 audience members

·        Minutes of the 2018 PHRF-NB annual meeting seconded and approved.

·        Treasurers report

               2017 was previously reported as a loss due to the expenses of the new software purchase and install.

               2018 shows income greater than expense

               The 2018 new and renewed certificates were 458 which is great than 2017.

·        Nomination of officers for the following positions was presented

               Commodore – Mark Nannini

               Rating Chairman – Will Museler

Treasurer – Roy Guay

Secretary – Bob Horton

Board Members – Ken Madeiro, Todd Johnston, Craig Nann, Paul Grimes, Paul Cronin, Moose McClintock, Vin McAteer


·        Commodore Nannini presented items under discussion for 2019 – reviewing base standard adjustments and the time since these were last reviewed.

·        Rating Chairman Museler has been in contact with Jim Teeters regarding VPP

The committee is reviewing non-overlapping headsails to create a more accurate adjustment, 118% nd above are not being changed but less than 118% may see an additional adjustment.

The committee is not looking at creating additional expense for boaters by requiring or encouraging boats to be measured.

If VPP formula would be used, a common formula would be desirable to make it easy and clear when used.

It appears that the current formula is fairly accurate for older boats with high aspect rigs.

Cost to obtain a VPP on every boat is an issue to be discussed by the committee.

·        Attendee comment was to keep ratings as broad based as possible and ratings work or may not work per race and course and other various inputs or situations and VPP may not be the golden answer we all desire.

·        Secretary Horton noted that no certificate holders filed complaints about their rating being too slow but the committee did hear from certificate holders that their boats were rated to fast.

·        Course type of ratings was discussed. PHRF NORCAL has been identified as using Distance Ratings, but was not applicable to our type of sailing. Issuing a second rating for random course races has been reviewed and only PHRF SCAL and Chesapeake Bay current offer this type of a rating. PHRF-NB would look to organizations such as Twenty Hundred Club and Prince Henry the Navigator as potential users.

·        Attendee comment that boats get multiple ratings that may be used for a particular race when conditions or crew favor one rating over another and issuing multiple ratings for one certificate would help such boats that race in single handed or double handed races and use smaller sails than their certificate reflects.

·        Genoa table A adjustments will go to a 118% sail instead of the current 135%. Rating Chairman will review manufacturer information on new boats for base sails.

·        Issues that will be reviewed for 2020 include; displacement that may be presented if a boat is weighed and the committee has a level of confidence in the manner in which the displacement was obtained. Current standard adjustments would be applied if necessary.

·        Reporting of rule or configuration issues was discussed and the committee is active in addressing both formal and informal reports of unreported changes or adherence to measurement rules and adjustments.

·        Attendee comment that the new web site is a significant improvement over the old system.

·        Attendee question, MASS Bay has moved to ORR EZ is PHRF-NB looking at doing this. Not at this time was the response. Commodore of NB stated most fleets prefer PHRF. North Shore has not moved to ORR EZ but South Shore has moved. They have not seen any decline in certificate registrations for most regattas. A rating appeal cost $200.00 in this environment.

·        Discussion of US Sailing offering to take over responsibility for issuing and maintain rating certificates was reviewed. PHRF-NB is not moving in that direction. 

·        Attendee comment that they had a problem with the web site. This was taken off line.


Meeting adjourned at 7:49pm



Robert Horton Secretary


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